Gasoline Swaps desk

A specialist team of six Gasoline swap Brokers transacting on behalf of Majors, Traders, and institutional funds. The team is split into key areas, these include Singapore Mops 92 and East West Gasoline spreads, Mediterranean swaps including Med/North spreads, and lastly North West Europe Argus swaps, Arbs, inter month spreads, Gasoline cracks, Platts Argus spreads, CIF/Barge spreads, Rbob/Brent, Rbob swaps/Cracks, and Gasoline/ Naphtha spreads, Brent Swaps.

The desk is available from the start of the Singapore window through to the close of the Nymex. We publish daily reports and end of day marks, so if you are a new or existing customer please click on the link below to be added to these reports. Please do not hesitate to contact the team for any questions you may have:

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