About us

Oil Brokerage Limited was established late 1988 as a broker of physical Gasoline, developing business in North West European cargoes, barges and components. The customer base developed and ranged from oil majors through international commodity trading houses to investment banks and fund operations. Further business led to transatlantic and West African movements.

The business grew further with an expansion of its customer base active in the enlarging barge, components and cargo markets. The company increased its personnel and additionally began to broker OTC swaps in Gasoline. January 2008 saw the launch of Bio-diesel broking initially in physical but swaps were set-up soon after. Late in 2009 the company commenced broking Naphtha swaps and by early 2011 a physical Naphtha department was created. Late 2012 a physical Fuel Oil department was founded and to compliment it a Fuel Oil swap operation was developed early 2013. We initiated physical Distillates broking late 2013.We have outstanding expertise within the areas we operate and a passion for what we do. We take pride in assisting our customers to achieve their goals proficiently and to add value to their endeavours. Our dedication to professionalism imbues our customers with the knowledge that they are always receiving best execution.