Our end-of-day reports are set to provide you with an access to our customized closing prices to put you head of the competition. Our data is sourced directly from broker screens and is available via email.

Our services are customized to fit your operational needs. To find out what Oil brokerage can offer you, please call on +44 (0)207 438 2400 or email us at research@oilbrokerage.com.



Technical Analysis starts from a simple financial principle: at a given moment in time, the price of a financial instrument accurately reflects all the information available on that instrument. If the market is sufficiently liquid, it is possible to use previous price changes to determine the most likely future changes.

At oil Brokerage our research to assess markets is founded on the principles of the Chaos Theory and the Behavioural Finance framework.

We believe that history repeats itself, hence past configurations stick to the minds of market participants and will tend to repeat in the future. Also, the market is sometimes irrational – the operators’ emotional reactions sometimes produce exaggerations – market operators’ fears as well as their hopes play an important role that fundamental analysis does not take into consideration. Technical Analysis is an essential tool for integrating this psychological dimension on the markets.


Investors need insight on the quickly changing oil and gas markets to make informed decision and to achieve their investment goals. That’s why we place so much importance in conducting extensive energy research. Oil Brokerage Ltd. provides bespoke technical research and consulting.

Our research is available from 1 year down to intraday providing our clients with strategic and tactical scenarios. This approach enables us to understand the bigger picture and thus helps us identify upcoming events and allows you to add a further dimension to fundamental forecasts.

We provide you with:

  • Detailed and coherent analyses, continuously updated
  • Daily & Intraday key levels of inflexions on your markets
  • Correlated market levels within asset classes
  • Risk assessments through detailed analysis of alternative scenarios
  • Long-term views

Our services are customized to fit your individual investment profile. To find out what Oil brokerage can offer you, please call on +44 (0)207 438 2400 or email us at research@oilbrokerage.com.


Oil Brokerage is an experienced and trusted name in the physical and over the counter derivative markets providing excellent broking services to a broad spectrum of businesses throughout the energy market.

Customers should expect OB to add value to their business and our relationships are built on trust, efficient communication and a positive experience…

We are highly dedicated to providing a great service and a comprehensive market data coverage for Oil. Our package of data covers:

  • Physical Gasoline & Naphtha
  • Gasoline Swaps
  • Naphtha Swaps
  • Fuel Oil & Feedstocks
  • Middle Distillates
  • Ship Broking

Please call on +44 (0)207 438 2400 or email us at research@oilbrokerage.com to learn more.